Student Management
Learning Management Made Simple.

The SimpliEd suite is makes school operations & learning simple for all stakeholders, from the littlest learners to school administrators.

Why SimpliEd

SimpliEd cleans up messy EdTech.

Built by educators with over 4 decades of experience, SimpliEd consolidates and takes tech OFF your plate by leveraging deep industry expertise.

SimpliEd is a holistic school ERP solution with an integrated student information system (SIS) and learning management system (LMS). The complete SimpliEd suite covers every facet of school administration ranging from school operations, invoicing, attendance, behavior management, learning management and insights.

User Experience

One Platform for All Stakeholders


All your learning in one place.

Get rid of multiple systems so students can focus on learning in one place. With lessons, communication, portfolios, and community partner programs all in one place, your kids can reach new heights.



Find everything about your child in one place.

From attendance, to grades, to meeting requests, to behavior and forms. No more visiting multiple systems to find what you need. SimpliEd eliminates communication headaches with families by providing ONE place for
parents to get all their children's information.



SimpliEd is for Educators.

Our learning management system (LMS) allows you to deliver life-changing teaching and learning experiences
with unmatched pedagogical autonomy.



Saves hours of manual effort by
consolidating student data into one place.

Understand the full picture of a student, school,
and district to make the best informed decisions.


Other Features

Bring your Entire School Community Together

Our Team

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